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Drawings for London in Poetry and Prose Published by Enitharmon Editions, London  

I was commission by Enitharmon in 2003 to illustrate this Anthology of London Poems and Prose with pen and ink drawings based on each of the 13 chapters as wells as these I also created the drawings for the front cover and inside title page of the book. 


London in Poetry and Prose


Artist: Anna Adams
Date: 2002
ISBN: 9781900564038

This anthology is a celebration of the city of London: ‘Noisy, stimulating, deadening, filthy, mysterious, tolerant, racist, crime-ridden, saint-haunted, ancient, up-to-the-minute, oppressive, liberating, crowded, lonely, addictive, and green-and-gardened, London is a microcosm of the World.’ These words, from Anna Adams’ Foreword, give a taste of the breadth of subject-matter and tone to be enjoyed in this magnificent illustrated anthology. Writing from the Middle Ages to the present is divided into themes including ‘The Weather in the Streets’, ‘The Poor and the Rich’, ‘The Countryman in Town’, ‘The Recent Wars’ and – unavoidably – ‘London Transport’.

Writers include: Anna Adams, W.H.Auden, William Blake, Lord Byron, Geoffrey Chaucer, John Clare, T.S.Eliot, D.J.Enright, U.A.Fanthorpe, Ted Hughes, Samuel Johnson, John Keats, Rudyard Kipling, Percy B. Shelley, JVirginia Woolf, William Wordsworth and Benjamin Zephaniah. For more information and to buy this publication please visit the link below:

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