Original prints

My ideas in print are inspired by many themes, topics and subjects from 18th century satire and history through to Maritime, Architectural landscapes as well as universal ideas around politics, climate, cultural identities, and landscape heritage.


My printmaking works take an enormous amount of work and process which are developed through a constant research and review process inspired by, visual culture, research, and my extensive travels abroad.


When creating my printmaking works, I try to allow the etching processes to evolve whilst at the same time developing an overall more controlled approach through how to capture and create beautiful qualities of drawn and bitten lines. It is the combination of the experimental with the controlled that suits my drawing processes, research ideas, working methods and imaginative process. In my studio work I try to get to the core of the materiality of the drawn and printed processes I am working on.

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Please note that the prices given for the works that are available for sale are unframed